Tatiana Nascimento dos Santos

"palavreira": singer, songwriter, writer, publisher at padê editorial. 
PhD in translation studies. founder/co-founder of 'slam das minas in DF', the first exclusive slam for women/lesbians in Brazil; co-founder of "palavra preta" (black word) - a national exhibition of black women writers; creator of "quanta!" (how much!), LBT exhibition, of "afrokuír" - black LGBTQI+ fuss, of "semilla" - a book fair to women publishers. aquarian.

Poetry books: outline (2016), lundu, (2016), nineteen94 (2018), 07 notes on the apocalypse, or poems for the end of the world (2019).
Essays: literary cuirlombism: black poetry LGBTQI overcoming the paradigm of pain (2019), a breath of life in the midst of death (2019).

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